The Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden (HSBG) provides a lovely setting for a wedding ceremony. Because it is a living museum, restrictions have been placed on its use.

Please carefully review our guidelines and regulations to help you make your decision. If you use HSBG for your special event, we hope the setting will become a part of your very special memories.

Note: The HSBG is in close proximity to SeaTac International Airport. Landings and take-offs occur frequently and unpredictably. The sound of the planes can be disruptive. Please visit and spend some time in the Garden to be sure you are comfortable with the overhead flight noise.

These photos were taken at an actual wedding in the Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden by photographer Kevin Zansler.   The wedding of Samantha and Rodrigo took place in June on a Sunny Sunday in the Celebration Rose Garden.   Both before and after the wedding there were photo opportunities in other sections of the Garden to highlight the occasion.   This lovely setting offers a wonderful back-drop for weddings.   Based on these pictures, we hope you will consider the Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden for your wedding.

All photos by Kevin Zansler